Friday, September 25, 2009

Wedding Bells Are Getting Louder!!!


As if by some work of magic the day of my wedding to Joshua is rapidly approaching! Things are progressing along nicely and I "think" all the difficult bits have been sorted out. (GOD that sounds British. SIGH Resistance is futile Jarrod, your assim
ilation is nearly complete.) I need to say a couple of really big Thank You's to some SL folks who are making the grand event not only GRAND, but possible.

First and foremost, to my dear friends Amo & Fornicola at PreFabulous I say a heartfelt thank you for designing the wedding set to such amazing and exacting standards!!!
It's like getting married i
n the finest palace in Europe or a tricked out Celebrity pad in Beverly Hills and it's all thanks to these two amazing women that it even exists!!!

Photos do not do it justice I tell you!!! If you are getting married or even thinking about it, GO SEE AMO & FORNI!!!

My next BIG thank you needs to go out to Eladon at Pondlife Weddings!!! I ask you, what is the most difficult task in SL??? Getting 6 GAY Avatars to all look the same direction at the same time and stand still for a wedding ceremony!!! PONDLIFE to the rescue!!! Menu driven wedding pose balls CHECK!

Hmmmm I am certain I will forget a few people so if your reading this and I didn't say thanks and you were a part of the "wedding of the century" THANKS!!!

Tonight is our STAGG party. We decided to do an event at the club... UNDIES & BODY PAINT. I'll try to remember to take lots of pics to post here tomorrow... if I'm not to drunk that is =D


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